Jean-Marie Normand


I am currently working on the BEAMING project, and has been working in 2009 in both PRESENCCIA and IMMERSENSE European projects.


BEAMING: Being in Augmented Multi-Modal Naturally-Networked Gatherings.
Today, in spite of advanced video conferencing, shared virtual environments, and gaming environments such as Second Life, it is still simply much more efficient to physically travel to remote location for business, scientific or family meetings—even if at a huge environmental, energetic and opportunity cost. The science and technology developed in BEAMING will for the first time give people a real sense of physically being in a remote location with other people, and vice versa—without actually physically travelling. BEAMING is a four year FP7 EU collaborative project (#248620) which started on Jan 1st 2010.


Presence: Research Encompassing Sensory Enhancement, Neuroscience, Cerebral-Computer Interfaces and Applications – a 4 year EU Integrated Project, total project budget 6.5M euro, 903,677 € at UPC. (Project Investigator: Mel Slater, who is also coordinator of the 14 partner PRESENCCIA project).


Immersive Multi-Modal Interactive Presence – a 4 year EU Integrated project, funding at UPC 240,562 €, partner. (Project Investigator: Mel Slater).